Homestead and Garden are now able to offer a few finish options for all their products.

Natural or rusted finish. 
Used mainly for our plant supports, garden arches and outdoor furniture can be finished in this way. Bare metal when left exposed to the elements will turn a orange / russet brown colour. As the majority of the steel we use is solid bar it will have a considerable lifespan of many many years.

We send o​​​​​​​ur products to be hot dipped in a Galvanising solution to a professional. The process is not something we can carry out in our workshop as it is very specialised. 
If left, if leaves a silvery grey finish that will go dull over time. It is waterproof and can be left outdoors in all weathers.
We also etch the items in the workshop to give a weathered antique finish.
Galvanised products can also be painted to add extra protection and offers our customers a great choice to add a special area to their garden.

Powder Coating or Spray Painting.
Powder coating offers a hard and colourful finish and allows a product to be left outdoors in most weathers. The product is coated and then baked in a large oven to create a tough and durable finish. 
Spray painting can also be offered and products would be given a strong coat of primer and multiple top coats. 
In most cases, we are able to offer a spray touch up at cost if required.