Keep sand from your Chardonnay this summer!


Keep your wine sand free all summer with this great innovation from Homestead and Garden, perfect for any al fresco dining on the beach, in the garden, countryside or at festivals.

Designed to hold a wine bottle and 2 glasses,


wine glass holders

it is this year’s wine drinkers’ essential picnic gadget.  The last thing you want is sand in your Chardonnay, after all!  No need to worry about outdoor eating on a slope – losing wine as glasses tilt over on uneven ground is a thing of the past.

Barry Hodges from Homestead and Garden said “We already make a range of wine glass holders, so it was a natural development to create a combined bottle and glass holder.”  He continued “We are always heading off to the coast, and this has become one of our must-have picnic essentials.  It’s a great gift for anyone who enjoys picnics and wine!”

Available in a range of colours, the wine and glasses holder is



available from just £17 with free UK mainland delivery.  for full product information and to make a purchase.

Barry hand makes a range of home and garden items from steel at his workshop in south Lincolnshire.  Made to last, discover the full range at .

23. April 2018 by Barry Hodges
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Get organised -Rusted Style Plant Supports.



Spring has certainly sprung.

Seasoned gardeners have been  ordering plant supports for the coming season for the past month.  Sales have been brisk since Christmas. You have probably spent the winter months looking over seed or plant catalogues & chomping at the bit to get out in the garden or allotment. My wife has already spent 3-4 full days out in our garden.

We offer a popular range of plant and shrub supports suitable for all types of gardens. We are pleased to provide our products to both retail and trade customers, with delivery straight to your chosen location.

Each support is individually handmade in our South Lincolnshire workshop. You can chose from standard 6mm steel or heavy duty 8mm & 10mm steel. The heavier duty type are  ideal for strong, vigorous plants or shrubs.

Once placed in your garden, the supports will develop a rusted finish that blends in amongst your plants.

We Individually hand make our Plant Supports in a wide variety of styles, widths, heights and pack sizes.



Please visit our online shop or telephone 01406 331075 for more information.

Homestead and Garden also offer a bespoke service. If you have specific requirements please contact us. We would be happy to discuss the production of supports to suit the needs of your garden.

Homestead and Garden

The Red Last

Back Bank

Shepeau Stow


PE12 0TT

Workshop open Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm. Saturdays 9am – 12pm

22. April 2018 by Barry Hodges
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Start the new year as we mean to go on.

Let me start by wishing you all a happy new year for 2018.

I am not one for new resolutions as I break them very early on. However I have made myself a few targets for the coming year.

The first of which is to compliment my new found passion for canoeing, I am going to try and learn to sail. If they make a big enough dinghy of course. Looking to pop along to Welland Yacht Club in Spalding to see if they accept new members.

Horseshoe log Basket

Horseshoe log Basket

The second is to try and write at least one article a week.  I would also love to have other gardeners and home makers write or link articles to our blog. Are you wanting to write an article based on home and garden but do not want to have your own regular blog site. Just would like to write an article as and when you can. Then why not contact me. I am happy to publish and acknowledge you as the writer. You never know it could be the starting point for a new career in 2018.

The run up to Christmas has been manic. A lot of bespoke orders, especially for log baskets. Which has kept us both very busy in the workshop. This has caused “she who must be obeyed” to be chomping at the bit to get back into our garden. I am pleased to say that as I write this she has finally managed to get back outside and is beavering away, tidying and planning for the coming seasons.

Anyway enough rambling for now.

Hope to hear from you budding writers soon.

01. January 2018 by Barry Hodges
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Hearty Casseroles and Herby Stuffings

Hearty Casseroles, Herby Stuffings and Christmas Decoration Plans

Here at Homestead and Gardens we like to use most of our products in our home & garden, this tests them out but it really is a bit of a luxury.

We are getting loads of benefit  from the herb drier that we have now used for about 5 years, in the late Summer and early Autumn, we dried lots of herbs. As the herbs dry they intensify in flavour and aroma, they are a lovely addition to Autumn /Winter casseroles. There is something very satisfying about using the produce that you have grown in the garden all year round. Herb driers can also be purchased from Passifloras in Crowland.

The preparation for Christmas time is as exciting as the event itself, so we are thinking about stocking the freezer with a range of produce ready for the holiday period. Homemade stuffing is incredibly easy to make and is definitely enhanced by those home made herb combinations of parsley, thyme, rosemary and sage.

In the evenings the paint area of the workshop has been taken over for spraying some of the dried seed heads and structural plants that have been dried on the herb drier. The gold, silver and white stems and seed heads will make lovely inexpensive additions to the flower decorations and wreaths that will be all over the house during the Christmas period.

Writing this blog makes me think that are several friends and relatives that would enjoy a gift of a herb drier, perhaps we had better increase production in the next few weeks.

18. November 2017 by Barry Hodges
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Dark Nights and Log Fires

What a satisfying feeling it is to reach this time of year and have a log store full of seasoned, split logs ready for cosy Autumn and Winter fires.

On Sunday the clocks go back, so we will have darker evenings from next week. There is nothing more comforting than sitting in front of the log burner, curled up on the chair with a good book and a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

We like to make sure that the log baskets are full so you do not have to move very far to stoke up the fire. It feels like a reward for the afternoons chain sawing the timber and splitting the logs.


Yellow Small Curved LB

Orders for our range of log baskets are steadily increasing, we have been working on commissions for bespoke sizes and designs to meet individual fire places. Our log baskets can be finished in a variety of colours to match the greater variety of log burners that are on the market now.

We are also thinking about Christmas and preparing for orders that are specifically for presents. We will be joining other local artisans and crafts people at the Secret Garden Christmas Fayre on December 3rd. We are hoping to be able to sell lots of our handcrafted products and take advantage of the Secret Gardens micro distillery and craft brewery to purchase our own gifts.

24. October 2017 by Barry Hodges
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Passifloras – Crowland

Passifloras Crowland

It was a privilege this weekend to put two of our hand crafted products into Passifloras in Crowland.

Homestead and garden are really enthusiastic whenever we can sell our products to local people and suppliers.

Passifloras is a lovely shop with an eclectic mix of gifts and cards, products from local crafts people, with the addition of Sally’s beautifully designed natural flowers.

We are experimenting with different colours in herb driers, the chocolate milkshake colour, looks lovely in the shop window.

As a family business, Homestead and Garden try and go the extra mile for our customers and can offer bespoke sizes on a number of our products. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our friendly staff will try their best to meet your requests where possible. All products are individually handmade in our own workshop and we do not sell any imported finished items.

Please support British manufacturing. Thank you.

16. October 2017 by Barry Hodges
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Welcome to our open pages for interior design and gardening articles. We would like to encourage individuals to contribute from around the globe. Why not let us all read your gardening or home tales. Its great to read funny and serious articles from all our gardening friends.

Links to other blogs on the subject will also be considered.

Please send us your ideas for approval and if successful they will be added to our pages.

Visit our facebook page.

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